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Men's Electric Heated Vest. From the Men's Coats and Jackets Collection.

Men's Electric Heated Vest. From the Men's Coats and Jackets Collection.

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NOTE: Please order one size larger than you typically might.

Metallic dot lining, elastic cuffs, hem, removable hood, long sleeve and high-quality zippers help you better lock the heat, while the soft shell fabric resists moisture and wind The heated outerwear will ensure you be able to enjoy exceptional warmth while staying fashionable!

Fast self-heating; Easily switch between 3 temperatures with a press of the button. Imported Japanese Toray carbon fiber heating wire; elements generate heat across core body areas including the neck for up to 8-12 hours (10000mA power bank) on a full charge.

With a zipper connection design, the hood is easy to detach and attach for extra wind protection. The detachable hood provides added warmth and locks temperatures to keep your head and ears cozy and warm.

Storage comes easy with the included zipper bag that can conveniently hold the smart electric jacket and be carried around to deal with extreme weather. The exquisite portable storage bag is also a good choice for gifts for those you love.

Lightweight insulated for you to wear in many ways, do unrestricted activities while staying warm. Hooded headwear suitable for the daily work commute, walking the dog, fishing, hunting, snowboarding and going out on chilly days. Machine washable.

Functions: breathable, super light, warm, wear-resistant, anti-static, anti pollution and decontamination

Wool collar material: rabbit hair

Applicable scenes: running, cycling, ice and snow sports, hiking and camping, shooting, dancing, foot basket volleyball, fishing, table tennis, other ball games


Embrace the ultimate in winter comfort and style with our Electric Heated Warm Jacket – your perfect companion for conquering the cold and enjoying outdoor activities like never before. Say farewell to shivers and layers upon layers of clothing – our innovative heated jacket is here to provide you with unparalleled warmth and freedom.

Crafted with advanced heating technology, this jacket ensures that you stay toasty even in the chilliest conditions. With its rechargeable battery-powered system, you can easily control the level of warmth to suit your preference. Whether you're exploring snowy landscapes, commuting on frosty mornings, or simply enjoying outdoor adventures, our Electric Heated Warm Jacket guarantees a cozy and snug experience.

Designed for both functionality and fashion, this jacket features a sleek and modern design that complements any outfit. The integrated heating elements are discreet and effective, ensuring you stay comfortably warm without compromising on style.

Elevate your winter wardrobe with a game-changing addition that lets you savor the beauty of the season while staying comfortably warm. Don't let the cold deter you from embracing the outdoors – invest in the Electric Heated Warm Jacket and enjoy winter like never before.


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Unique design, stylish and beautiful.
Good material, comfortable to wear.
A variety of colors, more choice.

Size Information:

Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL, 5XL

Size Length Shoulder width Bust Hem
S 63 39.1 51 41
M 65 40.3 53 43
L 67 41.6 55 45
XL 69 42.7 57 47
XXL 71 43.9 59 49
3XL 73 45.1 61 51
4XL 75 46.3 63 53
5XL 77 47.5 65 55

Note: Please order one size larger than you typically might.

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Smart vest*1


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